Throughout the history of Ibiza, many film directors, both famous and amateur, have used their landscapes as scenaries for their films.. Some of them have only used it as part of their history in some series, as happened in “Cuentame“, a famous TV spanish serie, when Mercedes and Antonio, the protagonist, travel to Ibiza in search of their daughter Inés, and in whose chapter we can see mythical places on the island , such as Dalt Vila or the Ca n´Anneta bar, in San Carlos, very famous among residents and the many tourists who visit the island every year, since it has been in operation since the time of the hippies and where they handmade our products Traditional Ibizan herbs. Haven’t you tried them yet? What are you waiting for!Others have used only the name, because due to the theme of the film the local authorities did not grant them the necessary permits to film on the island, and they had to look for another scenaries to reflect their history, so do not be fooled by everything what you see, as is the case with Ibiza, the movie created by Netflix that has been shot in Barcelona and Croatia.

But Netflix continued its efforts to shoot in Ibiza, they could not resist their charms … White Lines new thriller, directed by Álex Pina who, of course, talks about nightclubs, lag and luxury in Ibiza that everyone knows or has heard of it, dramatizing, surely, in pure Hollywood style, the “adventures” lived by his protagonists in the paradise of Ibiza. There will be a lot of truth in this history, we don’t doubt that, but normal mortals, like you and me, know that Ibiza is much more than that, and if you don’t believe it… keep reading!

Not only do tourists visit the island, sometimes it is filled with zombies, as is the case with the IB-Z movie by Zaragoza’s doctor José Ignacio Ricarte, shot in 2013, and in which he calls for the conservation of nature and the planet . Unrealistic vision of a catastrophe that may not be as far as we think, but clearly different from what is reflected in this film. But just in case, we have already got to work, and an environmental project is being prepared with which to reduce pollutant emissions, reduction of plastics and much more, so that we never have to see ourselves surrounded by zombies, or rather, surrounded by garbage.

The Crime of All Saints, by Héctor Escandell and Vicente Torres, The son of the taxidermist, by Enrique Vilallonga, Fist of Jesus by Adrian Cardona and David Muñoz … are examples of horror films filmed here, which turn the beautiful landscapes of the island in sinister and disturbing places. Some of these landscapes, such as the old town, can be seen from our apartments, in Marina Botafoch, so if you like to visit movie theaters, from our terrace you will have a fantastic panoramic view.

And how not to name what is now the most “famous” Ibizan film director of our islands, David Marqués, who with his film Champions has conquered the heart of half the world, although before this he has shot a few short films and films in Ibiza, some with which you chant with laughter, others who give you goosebumps, but none will leave you indifferent.All this is just a very brief example of the number of times you can enjoy Ibiza on the screen, since you lose count of the amount of movies, short films, documentaries of all kinds, shot here.

We encourage you to enjoy some of them this winter, those Sundays of sofa, popcorn and blanket, while planning your return to the island for next summer, and surely when you return, they will have shot a few more hours of Ibizan cinema with wich continue enjoying the long winter nights.

My recommendation for this weekend? Aislados, by David Marqués

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