Decorating the Christmas Table

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Christmas has arrived and it’s time for decorating the streets, the house, gifts and chocolates. Everyone is dying to see the house decorated and the Christmas tree lit up. But often we forget to pay attention to decorating the Christmas table.

Well-presented dishes and an elegant decoration will make Christmas Dinner an experience that your guests will not easily forget.

We’ve brought together some essential elements that should not be missing from your Christmas table and that will help to make your home ooze with Christmas Spirit.

Gold & Beige

The colours par excellence for Christmas are of course Green, Red and Gold. If we combine the latter with beige we can achieve an elegant, sophisticated, and uncluttered feel to our table.

Industrial Decoration

The tablecloth is typical on all Christmas tables, but with this year’s trends in industrial decoration and wood finishes booming, we propose to leave the table bare and simply place a centrepiece in the middle with the rest of the decorations. You can even have fun making your own centrepiece with natural elements such as dried pine cones and pine leaves. Adding a simple metal candlestick gives a touch of sophistication that perfectly complements the table decorations.

Candles for Christmas

Candles are a must for Christmas. We can place centrepieces in the corners of the house, creating a cosy atmosphere or simply place them on the table, in which case we must remove them before starting to dine to avoid accidents.

This year the natural look is back, and as you can see, pine cones and twigs are going to be the most popular for this type of decoration.


Pic by Due Home

Original Serviettes

Serviettes are the ideal accessory to complete the Christmas table decoration and give your table a touch of elegance. You can find a varied range of types and styles that best adapt to any time of the year. Here you can see a sample of ideas that continue in the line of the natural look for this year.


Pantone Decoration 2016

If you are a trendsetter, you will know that during 2016 the colours of the year, according to the Pantone guide, were Serenity Blue and Pink Quartz. Here are some samples that combine these two colours to perfection with splashes of gold, obtaining an elegant and sophisticated table decoration


Pic by Bodas y Wedding

Placement cards

If you have a lot of guests, you may wish to allocate them places using specially designed placement cards. This way everyone will know which is their place at the table.


Pic by Skonahem

Decoration is a very personal affair, but sometimes just a small idea is enough to make our home shine and get that cosy Christmas feel that we are looking for. What style do you prefer for decorating your Christmas table?

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