Because Ibiza is not enjoyed only in July and August, because Ibiza is much more than a party, because Ibiza is calm, is relax, it is to be enjoyed with family, all this and much more!

Once the discos and macro-parties that are held in Ibiza during the summer close, we have a paradise island, where you can relax with family, friends or with someone special. Calm and quiet island, without hurry, without stress, far from the traffic jams of the big cities. Endless walks through silent coves, country walks, among almond trees, fig trees and flower crops. No heat, no hurry.

Perfect time to get to know our culture, our medieval castle, Phoenician ruins, Carthaginian necropolis, or why not, admire the stars from our astronomical observatory. Las Salinas, an impressive and historical place, which has been in operation since the 8th century B.

Not only our culture will make you enjoy, but our nature, dive in crystalline beaches, let yourself be surprised by the rich marine fauna that you will find, native species and others that are only passing through, on the way to another continent. Do you prefer the field? ¡Trecking !! There are countless paths that take you to cliffs that will make you feel at the end of the world, to landscapes that you cannot even imagine.
What landscape do you prefer, green or blue?

Eat with the five senses … Touch: sand under your feet, View: turquoise horizon and crystal clear water, Ear: whisper of the sea, Smell: delicious aroma of food simmering and Taste !! Savor any of the typical dishes of Ibiza sitting in a restaurant on the coast, with bare feet playing with the sand, the sun on your head, the sea as background music, and one of the delicious typical Ibizan dishes on the table, ready to enjoy !!

All this and much more you can find on the white island, and we are here to organize all these experiences, so that you only worry about setting the date. In Via Booking we organize you from accommodation, restaurant reservations, tour guide, transportation and everything you can imagine.

Let yourself be advised by a team of professionals who are passionate about their work!

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