What is Home Management ?

It is the art of taking care, maintaining and organizing a Home. In Ibiza there are many owners who do not live all year round on the island. So they need someone to maintain their second home in perfect conditions. So that once they return to the island their house is in the same condition as their departure.

What can a home manager do for you?

Caring: Any home that remains empty for a long time needs someone to maintain it while its owners are not there. It is very important an ongoing review of all installations.

Maintenance: Supervision and repair, so that everything is in perfect working order when you arrive at home.

Administration: Administrative transaction, managing house expenses, looking for the best  service providers, and a large etcetera of cumbersome procedures that makes you waste your time.

Works: When you decide to renovate your space, it is a good decision to have someone to help with all the chaos that this tipe of woks come with. Agood HM will deal since initial proyect of the work, supervisión, reports, follow up of the works, decoration…absolutely taking care of everything until keys delivery, ready to live in!

Order: Order is fundamental in the maintenance of a house. It helps to maintain harmony, to make the stay more enjoyable and since it even affects to our personal relationships.

How do I find the best home manager?

To meet the best HM that suits your interests to take care of your home, experience is an important thing, but also the trust is a good point to keep in mind. Have someone that you trust to take care of your home, will make your experience even easyer.  A face-to-face interview will help you find the right HM for you. This meeting will also allow him to get to know you better and adapt his way of working to your lifestyle and your expectations.

Experience is also a very important point because a person that is used to running a house will do the work faster. A good home managemer has a team to support him, and a large colaborators list.


For all its reasons and much more we think that having a home manager is necessary for you to maintain your second home. If you follow our recommendation we are sure that it will be a very beautiful experience that will make your life easier and that will bring you peace of mind.


Why wait?!

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