Why you just have to visit Ibiza at least once.

There are many places in the World worthy of visiting, one of those is Ibiza.

Anyone who  visits Ibiza cant help falling in love with its impressive beaches and narrow streets lined with typical white houses.

Here are five reasons why you just have to visit Ibiza at least once in your life.

1. Nature

Nature lovers should not miss the opportunity to visit Ibiza’s secret bays with turquoise water. Millions of brand names chose the Balearic Islands for their most iconic marketing campaigns. Taking advantage of landscapes that affect all five senses.

Ibiza is a diverse natural setting with beaches and secret bays that sit alongside pine forests and fig trees in the interior of the island. If you don’t like beaches, you can enjoy some of the most beautiful cliff tops in the country. Don’t forget to visit “La Puerta del Cielo” near to San Inés.

The salt banks, not only form part of this stunning landscape, but this white paradise is an important source of income for the Island. Salt from Ibiza is world renown for its subtle flavour and aroma.


2. Luxury Apartments

It’s not a coincidence that Ibiza has converted into the favourite destination for the rich and famous. This has increased the offer and availability of luxury restaurants and apartments. The “White Island” is home to one of the most expensive restaurants in the World. But it’s not all about the price. The service, the setting and the exclusive menu have all contributed to making us feel at home.

3. Macro-Discos in Ibiza

World famous Nightclubs can be found in Ibiza, promising never-ending nights accompanied by the best and most relevant music around. World renown DJs from the nightclub scene never pass up the opportunity to gig in Ibiza, the Island that has converted into the reference point for this style of music.

With the passing of time the nightclubs in Ibiza are no longer just a reference point for electronic music, but also for  the amazing light shows and live dancers that make the whole evening an unforgettable experience, even for those who are not fans of electronic music.

4. The hippy culture

The Hippy Culture finally settled in Ibiza after falling in love with the impressive sunsets and you can still breathe in a sense of freedom as you wander around the artisan markets that are dotted around the Island. Here you will find the origin of what made the Island so popular in the 60s and 70s.

It could be said that there are more attractive places in the World to visit, but if you haven’t been to Ibiza you will not be disapointed. In fact, we’re sure that you’ll come back for more.

viajar a ibiza al menos una vez en la vida

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